God Still Speaks

August 7, 2022
Pastor Chad Clower
In this message, Pastor Chad Clower encourages us with 3 ways we can overcome skepticism and really lean into hearing His voice through His word, His People, and His Holy Spirit!

What We Do With What We're Given

July 31, 2022
Pastor Wes Morris
What is keeping you from accomplishing what God has for your life? What are you holding onto that’s holding you back? In this message, Pastor Wes Morris instructs us on how to overcome the pain of perfectionism or the fear of failure in order to see God’s best for our lives. Our motives, our emotions, and our minds can often work against us if we’re not aware and ready to rise above to live in what God has.

Grow What You've Been Given

July 24, 2022
Pastor Wes Morris
We’ve all been given gifts and abilities from God… and even in spite of our circumstances in life it is our responsibility to use them and it’s our job to have Joy in the midst! In this message, Pastor Wes encourages us to GROW what we’ve been given! We can start right where we are, using what we have & trusting God with the rest!

I Know Who I Am

July 17, 2022
Pastor Wes Morris
No matter how you feel about yourself or what other people say about you, God wants to remind you that you are loved, you are valuable, and you have a purpose in this life! In this message, Pastor Wes Morris of Bay Chapel is speaking to our next-generation students but it is a message for us all. We are in an identity crisis as a culture right now, and we have to keep our eyes on our maker... Our lives are not defined by our circumstances, but by the promises of God.

Passing the Test

July 10, 2022
Pastor Joey Sarlo
When we all get to the end of this life and have to answer for our life, there will be 3 questions... but the important thing is that He has already given us the answers!

God Said...

July 3, 2022
Pastor Bria Gilmore
The words we speak have POWER! Our words have the power to hurt or heal, bless or curse & they can give life or they can destroy. In this message, Pastor Bria Gilmore of Bay Chapel leads us in a time of reflection over the words we have spoken & that have been spoken over in order to forgive, to throw off any lies we have accepted and walk in freedom. Because who the Son has set free is free indeed!

Our 4 Non-negotiables

June 26, 2022
Pastor Ryan Miller
In this message, Pastor Ryan Miller of Locale City Church in Tampa joins us to share what should be 4 non-negotiables of our path as followers of Jesus. Keeping these as a path and God as our true north, we can live abundantly for Him!

Out in Front

June 19, 2022
Pastor Chad Clower
In this message, Pastor Chad challenged us with the words & life of Joshua. "Choose this day who you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." We all face barriers with stepping out as leaders; but in this message we are reminded to remain strong & courageous and stay in God's word.

Wedding Day

June 12, 2022
Crysti Porter
In the message " Wedding Day" Crysti Porter painted a vivid picture of the ancient traditions of the Jewish wedding ceremony and the correlation to our relationship with Jesus as His bride.

Pursuing ALL That God Has

June 5, 2022
Pastor Randy Morris
In this message, Pastor Randy Morris challenges us outside of our comfort zone and into a life empowered by the Holy Spirit... we can make decisions every day to allow God to work in and through us in greater power than we could ever hope or imagine!

Push Back

May 29, 2022
Pastor Joey Sarlo
"It’s always too early to quit when God is in the equation."

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